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Located off the Gulf of Naples, Capri is one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe. The size of this rocky island is inversely proportional to its fame. However, although Capri is called the island of VIPs, you can still find very convenient areas.

In this guide we will discover the best areas to stay in Capri and which area works best according to your budget and your idea of ​​a vacation. We will see the differences between the two main cities of the island (Capri and Anacapri) and, to conclude, I will provide you with a list of the best hotels in Capri divided by category.

Where to stay in Capri: best areas

best areas to stay in Capri

Capri’s popularity is not solely due to its luxury tourism. Its charm has captured writers, poets and artists who have found its wild beauty inspiring.

The glamorous atmosphere that characterizes it today has developed over the last century when the rich, aristocrats and movie stars began to choose Capri as their holiday destination.

There are two main cities on the island: Capri and Anacapri. The former is the most populated and also the most expensive, while Anacapri is relatively cheaper and boasts a more relaxed atmosphere.

Most visitors will arrive by boat at the port of Marina Grande, where ships from Naples and the Amalfi Coast dock. The area also boasts the largest sandy beach on the island, known as Cala Grande.

Families will love the eastern side of the island where some of the main natural wonders are found such as the Matermania Cave and the Natural Arch. If you have not yet decided where to sleep in Capri, here is an overview:


The city of Capri is the hub of the entire island. It can become a very crowded area during the day, also due to the excursions departing from Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

However, it manages to retain something magical, especially after dark. The iconic Piazzetta (its real name is Piazza Umberto I) is the place to have an aperitif and immerse yourself 100% in the concept of dolce vita. From here you can continue towards Via Camerelle where you will find the boutiques of major clothing brands and more. To end the day, go to the Taverna Anema e Core where you can dance and have fun until the first light of dawn.

Along Via Krupp (Capri’s famous zigzag road) you will reach Marina Piccola. Two other very suggestive routes are: the coastal walk of Pizzolungo (which leads to Punta Tragara one step away from the Faraglioni) and the steep climb that from the square leads to Villa Jovis, an ancient Roman villa built by the emperor Tiberius.


A rule applies to Capri: the further west you go, the cheaper the island becomes. For this, the city of Anacapri tends to be much cheaper than other areas.

While not as popular as Capri, Anacapri remains a very quaint and pretty area, with affordable accommodation options including B & Bs and hostels. The luxurious boutiques are replaced by craft shops and starred restaurants by small typical trattorias.

From Anacapri you can explore on foot some of the island’s main attractions such as the Casa Rosa Museum, the iconic Anacapri Fontanelle Park, the Blue Grotto and Villa San Michele.

The path leading to the top of Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island, also starts here, from which you will have a panoramic view of the whole of Capri, the Faraglioni and the islands of Ischia and Procida.

Marina Grande

Marina Grande is the largest port area of ​​Capri. It will be the first point of contact with the island for most visitors. It may surprise you to know that Capri does not boast many sandy beaches, most of which are cliffs or pebble beaches.

One of the few exceptions is the Cala Grande beach. Access is free and the port is not far away. From here you can take a shuttle to the Bagni di Tibero, the oldest bathing establishment on Capri. The Marina Grande area is very popular with families as it boasts shallow water and all major attractions are easily accessible.

Particularly popular in the area are the Ignazio Cerio Museum and the Barbarossa Castle.

Marina Piccola

There are two ports on Capri, the largest is located in Marina Grande. It is a public port, where ferries and hydrofoils arrive. The second port is smaller and is located in Marina Piccola.

The port of Marina Piccola is a private port, where the yachts of celebrities and wealthy tycoons dock. The area is also known for hosting Capri’s best beaches, sheltered from the wind and with calm waters to swim in.

Here you can swim near the Faraglioni or go down to the Scoglio delle Sirene, where legend has it that Ulysses was bewitched by the sirens.

Recommended hotels in Capri

Recommended hotels in Capri

To conclude our guide on where to stay in Capri, I will provide you with a list of the best hotels in Capri based on location, reviews, cleanliness and value for money.

Luxury hotels in Capri

Capri Tiberio Palace
Hotel Punta Tragara
Hotel Quisisana
La Scalinatella

Budget hotels in Capri

Hotel Villa Ceselle
Villa Striano Capri
Albergo La Prora
Hotel Carmencita

Family hotels in Capri

B&B Casa Pamela
La Marocella
Hotel Belvedere e Tre Re
Casa Raiola

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