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If you are planning a visit to Capri, this guide is the best resource you could find online.

A few miles away from the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri is a destination known all over the world. It has enchanted and seduced emperors, artists and celebrities for centuries and its charm still draws thousands of tourists every year.

To help you better plan the time you will spend on the island, we have compiled a list of the best things to see in Capri, including the main attractions and some unknown gems.

To conclude, we have included a mini-itinerary to see Capri in one day and some practical information that will help you get around the island.

The best things to do and see in Capri

Despite its small size, there are many things to see and do in Capri. Everyone knows the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni, far fewer people know the Punta Carena lighthouse or the Green Grotto.

The following list places the must-see attractions in Capri at the top of the list. Think of these as if they were the absolutely must-do experiences, especially if you have a few days to dedicate to the blue island.

  • Blue Grotto
  • Gardens of Augustus
  • Via Krupp
  • Faraglioni
  • Boat tour around the island of Capri
  • Mount Solaro
  • Anacapri
  • Villa Jovis
  • Villa San Michele
  • Via Camerelle
  • Pizza Umberto I – the small square of Capri
  • Punta Carena Lighthouse
  • Via del Pizzolungo
  • Evening at the “Anema e Core” Tavern
  • The Natural Arch of Capri
  • San Giacomo Charterhouse
  • The beaches of Capri

Blue Grotto

grotta azzurra capri

The Blue Grotto is certainly the most famous natural site on the island of Capri. It is a sea cave about 60 meters long and about 25 wide. On the other hand, the entrance is 2 meters wide and only 1 meter high, so it is possible to visit it only by boarding small rowing boats that can carry a maximum of 4 people.

The sunlight that filters through some cavities, due to the phenomenon known as refraction, gives the water inside the cave a vivid shade of blue/silver.

There are several companies that reach the Blue Grotto and most of these depart from the port of Marina Grande. The online reviews are quite mixed and emphasize the excessive cost to visit the Blue Grotto (€14, including €10 for a rowing boat + €4 entrance fee) and the limited time you can spend inside (usually no more than 5 minutes).

Gardens of Augustus

giardini di augusto capri

A stone’s throw from the center of Capri, the Gardens of Augustus consist of a series of flowering terraces overlooking the Faraglioni on one side and the bay of Marina Piccola and the bends of Via Krupp on the other.

It is definitely the place to go if you want to take a souvenir photo of your trip to Capri with the Faraglioni in the background and also one of the cheapest attractions on the island (the entrance ticket costs only €1).

The best times of the day to visit the Gardens of Augustus are in the early morning and late afternoon, when there is less crowds. During the summer months the opening hours are from 9.00 to 19.30.

Via Krupp

via krupp Capri

Via Krupp is one of the most famous streets and connects the historic center of the island with the seaside area of ​​Marina Piccola. Unfortunately, it is not possible to walk it and reach the sea, but only to photograph it from the Gardens of Augustus.

Friedrich Alfred Krupp was a German steel magnate who lived in Capri in the early 1900s to treat the asthma that afflicted him. Very rich, he never bought a house, but preferred to live in a suite at the Quisisana.

To quickly reach Marina Piccola, where his yacht was moored, Krupp bought the entire area between the San Giacomo Charterhouse and Castiglione and had the road built there that today takes his name.

A path over 1 kilometer long, designed in a zigzag way to make it easy to descend and ascend from the sea. A path carved into the stone and surrounded by pines and Mediterranean scrub, which has been closed for about 30 years due to the danger of falling rocks.

The Faraglioni of Capri

faraglioni capri

I don’t think anyone will object if I say that the Faraglioni are the symbol of Capri. These are actually three rocky cliffs in the shape of a peak, which emerge from the sea a few meters from the coast of the island.

Each Faraglione has a name, the one connected to the coast is the Faraglione Stella, the smallest of the three is called Faraglione di mezzo, while the third is known as Faraglione Scopolo, where the famous blue lizards of the Faraglioni live.

The best way to observe the Faraglioni is with a boat ride, but if you want to take a fantastic souvenir photo you can reach the Belvedere di Punta Tragara, the Gardens of Augustus or Belvedere dei Filosofi alla Migliera.

Boat tour around the island of Capri

giro in barca capri

No trip to Capri is complete without a boat ride around the island. This is the best and fastest way to see some of the most famous places in Capri, such as the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni and the Natural Arch.

The organized tours are mainly operated by the Motoscafisti and Laser Capri companies. They are the ideal solution for those with limited time available. It is also possible to rent a boat, with or without a sailor, and it is certainly the best solution for those who want to enjoy the sea of ​​Capri more calmly.

Mount Solaro


The most beautiful view of Capri is from the top of its highest point: Mount Solaro. From here you can admire the entire Gulf of Naples, the Faraglioni and the Sorrento Peninsula.

Reaching the top of Mount Solaro on foot will take about 90 minutes and it is possible to make a small detour to visit the Hermitage of Cetrella. If you prefer, there is also a comfortable chairlift that leaves from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri and reaches the summit in about 12 minutes.

Once on the top of Mount Solaro you can relax with a drink on the rocking chairs of the La Canzone del Cielo bar or simply stroll on the terraces taking pictures of the panorama.



While Capri represents the chic part of the island, Anacapri is the more authentic (and also cheaper) part of the island. Here it is still possible to take a leisurely stroll and indulge in slow rhythms.

Luxury hotels are replaced by B&Bs, high fashion boutiques by craft shops and starred restaurants by typical Capri trattorias. The main bus stop is Piazza Vittoria and from here you can walk to the various points of interest in Anacapri, such as the Villa di San Michele, the Scala Fenicia, the Punta Carena Lighthouse and Mount Solaro.

Villa Jovis

villa jovis capri

Villa Jovis was the former home of the Roman emperor Tiberius, who fell madly in love with the island of Capri. Among the 12 villas that the emperor had built on Capri, Villa Jovis is the largest with a panoramic view of the port and the mainland.

To reach Villa Jovis, start from Piazza Umberto I and continue along Via Tiberio. The road is uphill, but not too hard, and it will take you about 40 minutes to get there.

For a detour off the usual tourist routes, enter the Astarita Park: a little-known park with free admission. From here, reach the last terrace and enjoy a spectacular view from Villa Lysis.

Villa San Michele

villa san michele capri

One of the main attractions of Anacapri is Villa San Michele, formerly the home of the famous Swedish doctor Axel Munthe. The young doctor decided to have his villa built on the remains of an ancient chapel dedicated to St. Michael.

The result is a complex made up of gardens, statues, artifacts and architecture, in which Munthe collected archaeological finds recovered over the years, such as sarcophagi, busts, Roman floors, marble and columns.

The villa also hosted Queen Victoria of Sweden for a long time, who shared with Munthe a passion for music, nature and animals and was often in Capri for health reasons.

Via Camerelle

via camerelle capri

Via Camerelle, which until then had been detached from the hectic life of the island, came to life in the early 1900s. Triggering events were the construction of prestigious buildings, such as Villa Jenny and the red Villa Pompeiana, and the opening of historic businesses, including the first Capri jewelry shop Chantecler and Amedeo Canfora’s handmade sandals shop.

Today Via Camerelle is the main shopping street of Capri, where luxury boutiques and jewelers alternate. Take an afternoon walk, go shopping and remember to take home a souvenir from the blue island.

Piazza Umberto I – The little sqaure of Capri

piazzetta di capri

Known as the Piazzetta di Capri, Piazza Umberto I is the center of Capri’s social life. It is the living room of the city and during the summer evenings, monarchs, celebrities, athletes of international standing and ordinary people can be found here side by side.

Anyone who arrives in Capri will find themselves passing through the square and will hardly be able to resist that 1960s atmosphere in full Italian dolcevita style.

The prices are much higher than the rest of the island: a coffee at the table costs €5-6, while an alcoholic drink costs between €12-15.

Punta Carena Lighthouse

faro di punta carena

Punta Carena is a rocky bay, one of the best places to swim in Capri and certainly the favorite of Capri. In addition to the always clean waters, this place is made suggestive by the Punta Carena Lighthouse, the second in Italy for lighting power and one of the oldest.

This is one of those places little known by tourists, but loved by Capri. After a day at the beach, treat yourself to an Aperol Spritz at the Malibu bar and enjoy the sunset.

Reaching the Punta Carena Lighthouse is easy: from Capri take a direct bus to Anacapri and then take the buses that depart from the terminus in Viale Tommaso de Tommaso.

Via del Pizzolungo

via del pizzolungo

The Pizzolungo walk is a fascinating path that will allow you to leave the hustle and bustle of the piazzetta behind you and immerse yourself in nature.

There are few tourists who decide to take this route, so you can enjoy the landscape, the scents, the sounds of nature and the sea in solitude.

The route winds through rich Mediterranean vegetation, solitary villas and pleasant detours that lead to the Natural Arch of Capri or the Matermania Grotto.

Evening at the “Anema e Core” Tavern

taverna anema e core

The “Anema e Core” Tavern is the most representative place of the Capri night, famous all over the world for the incredible format given by its legendary chansonnier Guido Lembo.

Live music repertoire, improvisation and warm welcome are the hallmarks of the “Anema e Core” Tavern, which for over 25 years has enlivened the evenings of tourists, islanders, Italian and international stars.

The Natural Arch of Capri

arco naturale di capri

If you are in Capri with your sweetheart, exchange a passionate kiss under the Natural Arch of Capri, one of the most beautiful natural wonders of our country.

This rock formation 12 meters wide and 20 high has a curious arch shape and seems to frame the opposite Sorrento Peninsula, especially Punta Campanella, and the islets that make up the Li Galli archipelago.

San Giacomo Charterhouse

certosa di san giacomo

Dating back to the late fourteenth century, the San Giacomo Charterhouse is the oldest historical building on the island of Capri. Following the pirate raids, the Charterhouse suffered serious damage and from 1563 it was the subject of significant restoration works that modified and enlarged it.

In 1808 the San Giacomo Charterhouse was suppressed with the confiscation of its assets and since then it has held various roles from barracks to hospice for the disabled. Today it is the seat of the Liceo Classico di Capri, it hosts the Diefenbach Museum as well as numerous temporary exhibitions, conferences, concerts and cultural events.

The beaches of Capri

marina piccola capri

I imagine that once you arrive in Capri you want to give yourself a few moments of relaxation on the beach. Capri is a predominantly rocky island and the sandy beaches are very few.

The most beautiful and well-equipped beaches on the island are:

  • Marina Grande
  • Marina Piccola
  • Punta Carena

Marina Grande beach, the largest and most crowded beach on the island. It is a cove suitable for children and from here you can easily set out to discover the island. If you love the sun, I must tell you that the area has been shaded since mid-afternoon.

The Marina Piccola beach is one of the most evocative beaches on the island. Not far from the well-known Gardens of Augustus, it is easy to reach by bus directly from the Marina Grande station (the route takes about 15 minutes). It is a small beach and in high season it tends to get crowded quickly.

What to do in Capri in 1 day: itinerary

Below you will find a recommended itinerary for spending a day in Capri. I tried to include all the main attractions of Capri, but as you understand the island has so much to offer and just one day may not be enough.

But let’s not lose heart and let’s see together what to do in Capri in 1 day.

  • The day begins with the arrival at the port of Marina Grande;
  • From here, book a boat tour around the island that will take you to discover the Blue Grotto, the Green Grotto and the Faraglioni, you can find some of these tours in the box below;
  • Return to the Marina Grande beach and take the funicular that will take you to Piazza Umberto I.
  • Here, have a coffee or a sandwich and enjoy a few moments of relaxation before leaving;
  • Walk along Via Camerelle and Via Matermania. Go straight on to get to the Natural Arch of Capri;
  • Finally, before sunset go to the Gardens of Augustus and enjoy the view of the Faraglioni and Via Krupp.

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