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One of Slovenia’s best kept secret is represented by its sensational Spas. If your plan is to visit this country, make sure you have the time to indulge in pampering at one of the many Spas in Slovenia.

But which are the best spas in Slovenia? I am sure it must not be easy to choose from over 130 facilities, each of them with specific offers for your physical and mental well-being.  In this guide we will take an in-depth look at the most famous Slovenian spas and their excellent personal care services.

Keep in mind that Slovenia stretches from the Adriatic Sea to the Alps, so the choice of a spa also depends on the type of extension (sea or mountain) you want to give to your stay. The spas in this article are all located in the Slovenian hinterland, with the exception of one resort located on the coast.

Wellness centers and Spas in Slovenia

The ancient Romans were the first who became aware of the healthy properties of Slovenian waters and they also developed the sophisticated thermal springs and saunas that are still in operation today.

In Slovenia tourism related to wellness and spas has a centuries-old tradition, some documents certify that the Dolenjske Toplice spa was the first to welcome travelers back in 1228.

To help you choose the perfect relaxation oasis, we’ll take a closer look at the top 8 spas in Slovenia. The whole country can be crossed by car in just over two hours, so it is the ideal destination if you have a little time available or if you want to treat yourself to a relaxing week-end.

Terme Čatež, Čatež

Terme Slovenia Terme Čatež
Terme Čatež  – Credits @booking.com

On the border with Croatia, Terme Catez are the most famous spas in Slovenia and the largest in Europe. Sports champions have relied on the doctors and nurses of this center for post-injury rehabilitation. These spas are also particularly suitable for those suffering from spinal problems.

Open 365 days a year, they are equipped with 11 Jacuzzis with thermal water at a temperature of 60° C and numerous slides (covered and uncovered) for the enjoyment of the little ones.

In addition to the spas, for sports enthusiasts there are tennis courts, an 18-hole golf course, spaces for various activities such as badminton, squash, bowling and fitness.

Prices.Day ticket: Adults € 13.50 – Children € 10.50 (the price may vary)

Where to sleep. Hotel Terme – Terme Catez is right inside the spa complex. Ideal for those who want to enjoy days of pure relaxation.

For a different experience try the Terme Village, the campsite located within the spa complex. In 2017, for the second year in a row, it was named as the best campsite in Slovenia.

Terme Olimia, Podcetrtek

Slovenia Terme Olimia

Voted for 8 years as the best wellness center in Slovenia, Terme Olimia is the best you could desire to recharge your batteries and get back to facing the hectic daily life. Located on the border with Croatia, its waters are particularly suitable for treating rheumatic diseases and skin diseases.

A tip for couples: dedicate a day to the Orhidelia complex, an architectural triumph that will allow you to abandon yourself to the intimacy of your thoughts and sensory experiences. There is no shortage of sports complexes and the possibility of excursions to nearby villages.

Prices. Day ticket: Adults € 13.50 – Children € 10.50 (the price may vary)

Where to sleep. The Wellness Hotel Sotelia stands out for its distinctive architectural features – distinctive facades, a dynamic structure and geometrical interiors. To crown this luxury stay, the nearby forest and the feeling that nature is embracing you.

Terme & Wellness Lifeclass, Portoroz

Terme & Wellness LifeClass

A taste of Asia just a stone’s throw from the Slovenian Adriatic coast. The offer of the Portorož spas is among the largest in Europe, but the flagship remains the Wai Thai spa area. In this environment, built and furnished according to the canons of Thai architecture, guests can experience the benefits of the famous Thai massage; all within walking distance from the sea and the city of Piran, famous for being one of the most photogenic (or should I say instagrammable?) in the Mediterranean!

Prices. Variable depending on the package chosen

Where to sleep. If you are looking for luxury and relaxation at a good price, the choice falls on the Hotel Slovenija – Terme & Wellness LifeClass. If the score of 9.2 / 10 on Booking doesn’t seem enough, then let’s add its excellent location, private beach, room with sea view and spa at a snap of your fingers. Are you really still thinking about it?

Thermana Laško, Laško

Spa Slovenia Hotel Thermana Park Laško

Nothing to say, these guys have managed to fully grasp the meaning of the word differentiate. Your well-being will be restored by very special beer or honey massages. Yes, you got it right! Laško is not only a place of rest and relaxation, but also a city that produces excellent beer that has been shown to have great beneficial effects for the skin.

And if the latter seems too strong, then you can decide to indulge in honey-based treatments. It is rumored that the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra was well aware of the rejuvenating effects of the nectar of the Gods on her skin. I would trust!

Prices. Variable according to the treatments.

Where to sleep. If you want to treat yourself to a fairytale weekend, then head straight to Hotel Thermana Park Laško.

Terme Dobrna, Dobrna

Slovenia Terme Dobrna

Surrounded by greenery and tranquility, the Dobrna Thermal Baths are the oldest spa in all Slovenia. Its waters have anti-inflammatory effects, but for centuries the structure has been famous for offering a wide range of andrological and gynecological treatments, some of which are aimed at improving fertility.

Prices. They vary according to the treatments chosen.

Where to sleep. Hotel Vita is located inside the thermal park and organizes numerous activities, such as trekking and bike excursions.

Radenci Health Resort, Radenci

terme slovenia Radenci Spa Resort

The Radenci Thermal Baths are located in the north-eastern part of Slovenia, near the Mura River. They are famous for the Radenska mineral water, the first bottle of which was produced in 1869 and later distributed to the imperial court in Vienna and to the Papal State.

This water, with its very high CO 2 content has countless healthy effects on our body and, last but not least, it helps treat cardiovascular diseases.

Prices. Packages start from € 47 per person per day (the price may vary)

Where to sleep. Due to their historical importance and their prestige, the Radenci Thermal Baths (together with the ones in Bled, Ptuj and Moravske Toplice) have become part of a group of thermal resorts that responds to the name of Sava Hotels & Resorts.

Terme Ptuj, Ptuj

best spas in slovenia

Terme Ptuj is one of the youngest spa complexes and is located in the oldest city in the whole Slovenia. Ptuj was built by the Romans who appreciated its thermal springs and its strategic position.

The thermo-mineral waters of the area help treating rheumatic diseases and accelerate the recovery of normal body functions in the post-operative phases and after injuries to the motor system. To make the experience even more unique, a program of Roman Games is organized every year and there is the possibility of getting married with the typical rite of ancient Rome.

Price. Packages start from € 43 per person per day. (the price may vary)

Where to sleep. The Grand Hotel Primus owes its name to the Roman general Marco Antonio Primo who commanded the Roman legions in this region. It is an exceptional level property which is part of the Sava Hotels & Resort group.

Terme 3000, Moravske Toplice

Hotel Livada Prestige - Terme 3000

Terme 3000 are among the most popular in the entire Europe. This fame is also due to the presence of black thermo-mineral water which, among its most appreciated effects, reduces nervous tension.

Opened about 50 years ago, the waters of Terme 3000 are unique and rare, all over the world. In fact, there are very few cases in which the thermal waters reach the temperature of 72° at their source.

The large water park, with over 25 swimming pools, slides and water games, makes them a perfect destination for families with children.

Prices. Packages start from 48 € per person per day (the price may vary)

Where to sleep. The Hotel Livada Prestige is the flagship of this fantastic spa complex. It also offers excellent traditional Slovenian cuisine and the possibility of listening to live music at the Panorama Bar.

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