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The writer Corrado Alvaro wrote “[…] the Amalfi Coast is a terrace on infinity, a paradise made of stairs that resonate like the keys of an old piano”.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful coastal stretches in the world and can be explored and experienced in various ways. It is a continuous alternation of caves, terraces, fjords, turquoise waters and colorful villages.

There are so many things to do and see on the Amalfi Coast. You can tackle hiking trails overlooking the sea, regenerate yourself on one of the over 100 beaches or visit fantastic medieval villas.

In this guide, you will find some of the best things to do on your trip along the Amalfi Coast.

What to see on the Amalfi Coast

Planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast requires a very specific itinerary. Often tourists allow themselves just a weekend in these parts and leave the coast with a bitter taste in their mouth for not having seen enough.

The SS 163, considered one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in the world, connects the 13 cities of the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Cetara, each village has its own topography and distinctive features.

Tip: You can rent a car here to enjoy the Amalfi Coast!

In the next lines we will analyze in detail what to see along the Amalfi Coast. I will mention the most beautiful beaches and the boat tours not to be missed.


positano costiera amalfitana

If you are short on time, choose to visit Positano. The vertical city is the symbol of the Amalfi Coast and perfectly combines charm and tourist services.

It offers a large number of accommodation solutions, with some of the most beautiful and famous hotels on the entire coast. You can easily reach Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri and Naples by bus and ferry. Moreover, most of the boat tours depart from here that reach Conca dei Marini, the Furore Fjord and the Emerald Grotto.

Positano also boasts some of the most popular beaches on the Amalfi Coast. The most famous is the Marina Grande beach located at the foot of the central city, while Fornillo beach is more easily accessible and suitable for families.

The two beaches are connected through the Path of Lovers’ cliff, an attraction in its own right. For a truly secluded coastline, consider Arienzo beach, accessible only via a descent that has over 300 steps.

In addition to the beaches, you can explore the Roman ruins near the splendid Church of Santa Maria Assunta, visit the small villages of Montepertuso and Nocelle or go shopping in the small boutiques of Positano.



A trip to the Amalfi Coast is incomplete without stopping in Amalfi. Once a military and economic superpower (Amalfi was one of the 4 Maritime Republics), it is now a beautiful coastal city that retains the charm of past power.

Relax on the famous Marina Grande beach or head to the small cove of Santa Croce. In the afternoon, grab an ice cream in the spectacular shadow of the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (also known as the Cathedral of Amalfi) and stop at the Cloister of Paradise.

Fiordo di Furore

fiordo di furore

If you want to get away from the chaos of the city and are looking for a bit of tranquility, go to the Furore Fjord. The SS 163 crosses the fjord and connects the two sides by a bridge that serves as both a focal point and an access point to the beach.

Despite its popularity, the beach is rarely crowded. This is because the Furore Fjord is difficult to access due to a series of steep stairs and the total absence of parking.



Ravello is the most romantic city on the Amalfi Coast. You can visit the enchanting gardens of Villa Cimbrone (known as the Infinity Terrace) or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Piazza del Vescovado.

During the summer season, the lower terrace of Villa Rufolo hosts the famous Ravello Festival, a musical and cultural event that welcomes internationally renowned artists.



Praiano is a quiet and relaxed village on the Amalfi Coast. Once known for the production of silk and for being the summer residence of the Dukes of Amalfi, today it is a splendid tourist resort and an art center.

Head to the rocky beach of La Gavitella and admire Capri and the Faraglioni in the distance. Spend the afternoon in the square in front of the Church of San Gennaro and abandon yourself to the slow rhythms of this small town.



If you are a lover of gastronomic tradition, don’t forget to visit Minori. Known for having hosted numerous pasta factories in the past, Minori is known as the “city of flavors”.

Try the typical specialties of Minori such as the famous scialatielli and ndunderi, a kind of dumpling made with flour, ricotta cheese and grated cow’s cheese.

For dessert lovers, a stop at the Sal De Riso pastry shop is a must, where you can taste what has been defined as the best lemon delight in the world.

Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei)

sentiero degli dei

Known for its incredible panoramic views and for being the most beautiful hiking route in the Mediterranean, the Path of the Gods is one of the must-do activities on the Amalfi Coast.

It is a 9 km long excursion that will take you from Bomerano (a fraction of Agerola) to Nicocelle (a fraction of Positano). From here you can reach the Marina Grande beach along over 1300 steps.

The Path of the Gods has comfortable wooden benches where you can rest, refresh and observe the strategic points of the coast such as the Faraglioni of the island of Capri, Punta Penna, Monte San Costanzo, the chain of the Lattari Mountains and Monte Comune.

The Ferriere Valley

valle delle ferriere

Trekking lovers must include the Ferriere Valley in their program. It is a hiking trail about 6 kilometers long, completely surrounded by nature.

The official paths that allow the visit are two, one starting from Amalfi – Piazza Flavio Gioia (path n. 325) and one starting from Pontone – Piazza San Giovanni (path n. 323a). The first is much smoother and shorter than the second.

The nature reserve of the Ferriere Valley is still unknown to the masses, a path that ends in the vicinity of a waterfall where you can take wonderful photos.

Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

baia di ieranto

A vacation on the Amalfi Coast would not be complete without a tour of the most beautiful beaches. One of the things that makes this region unique is the sheer quantity and diversity of the beaches (over 100, to be exact).

Due to the topography of the Amalfi Coast, there are just a few sandy beaches, while beaches consisting of pebbles or platforms on the sea are more common.

The beach of Marina Grande di Positano is a great starting point as it is located in the middle of the town, with the famous colorful buildings and the Positano cliff towering over it.

Other popular spots are Arienzo beach and Fornillo beach both in close proximity to Positano. We have already talked about the Furore Fjord, but if you are looking for something different you can opt for Conca dei Marini, for the Bay of the Sirens or the Bay of Leranto.

There is no shortage of options and prices vary according to the beach, but the average cost of an umbrella and a deckchair is around 10 euros.

Boat tours on the Amalfi Coast

tour in barca costiera amalfitana

Exploring the Amalfi Coast by land is worth half an experience. Some of the best views and most beautiful beaches are only accessible by sea. Furthermore, traveling by sea is often faster and safer than driving along the SS 163.

If you are looking for a boat tour, there are many companies that offer semi-private tours for small groups. The classic tour includes a stop at various points of interest along the coast, including the Furore Fjord, the Emerald Grotto, the Li Galli archipelago and the bays of Arienzo and Laurito (just to name a few). Below you can find some boat tours of the Amalfi coast.

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